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    Even toned, healthier looking skin

    Even toned, healthier looking skin

    Riversol is scientifically formulated anti-aging skincare from one of North America's premier dermatologists.

    Try it today for a noticeably radiant complexion with visibly fewer fine lines and dark spots.

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    Exfoliating Glycolic Peel

    Glycolic Peel

    This is an amazing product and I am not surprised! All the products I have used from Riversol are amazing. I would encourage everyone to try them. So gentle. My skin loves the attention. I received a sa...

    Patricia 06/08/2019
    Redness Control Trio

    I LOVE Riversol Products

    I have been using Riversol for dry skin since November last year. Every product is amazing and I have had many compliments for how my skin looks. The products leave my skin feeling soft and smooth.

    Hilary S. 09/24/2019
    Anti-Aging Trio with Eye Repair Treatment

    Youthful Softness

    The trio use over the past several weeks have returned a youthful softness to my skin. I'm loving the feel of it.

    Karen P. 06/08/2019
    Anti-Redness Serum

    Great results

    I've been using this serum for several weeks and notice a huge improvement in the redness of my cheeks and neck. Highly recommend it for anyone with redness from rosacea.

    Tiff S 09/06/2019
    Anti-Aging Trio

    I like this product line. I love the creamy cleanser and it's creamy texture. My favourite item is the after cleansing serum...makes my skin feel very soft and smooth. I like that all of the product is t...

    Bonnie Graceffo 06/09/2019
    Anti-Redness Serum

    On my 2nd bottle

    Great product. Can’t go 1 day without it. Diminishes the redness on my face.

    Paula 06/01/2019
    Redness Control Trio

    Longtime user

    I won’t use anything else! This spring, I went on an overseas trip for 3 weeks and forgot to bring cleanser. I bought another very gentle reputable product but it left my skin dry and fragile. Argh. I’ve bee...

    Nancy W. 09/23/2019
    Daily Moisturizing Cream

    Daily moisturizing cream

    It gives my skin a healthy and smooth feeling! And this is long lasting!!!!Definitely worth the money!

    Marleyne M. 06/10/2019
    Anti-Aging Trio

    I'm Hooked!

    I have used almost every product on the market from $-$$$ I am 53 and have dry skin, I love this skincare line, my skin is smooth and moisturized, and it's not over priced. I highly recommend you try it, fin...

    Lisa H. 06/10/2019
    Anti-Aging Trio

    Perfect selection of the products for my skin

    I am glad that i bought Riversol products and very happy to use them all. My skin really feels the difference.

    Maninder Anand 06/10/2019
    Redness Control Trio

    Blown away by results

    I am just blown away by the results, I am very fair skinned and my cheeks are always very rosy and bumpy. I noticed results almost right away and my skin feels and looks so good.

    Sarah S 09/10/2019
    SPF 30 Sunscreen

    It lives up to the hype!

    What can I say: Perfect slip, perfect coverage, no fragrance, doesn't break me out; it truly does what it says it does. I'm a Riversol fan for life, now!

    Sasha 06/13/2019
    Anti-Aging Trio

    Amazing Stuff!

    l like how it makes my skin feel. I can tell if I forget it when I am away and use something else. Will purchase more when I run out.

    Ida 01/03/2020
    Anti-Aging Trio

    Great product!

    Love the product overall. I do wish the moisturizer went further/lasted longer. My skin is very particular about what I use. Almost immediately I was pleased with this product. So impressed that I ordere...

    Stacey B. 06/15/2019
    Daily Moisturizing Cream

    Love it!

    I love this skin care regimen. It is great for all skin types & I have used many other skin creams ect. & I prefer Riversol.

    Georgi 06/15/2019
    Anti-Aging Trio with Sunscreen

    Very satisfied

    I am very happy with the products I am ordering from Riversol. I like the free samples that they send so I get to try new products out before buying.

    Pam R. 06/15/2019
    Moisturizing Concentrate

    My favourite face product

    I've been searching for so long for a good moisturizer and have been unimpressed across the whole price spectrum. I finally found a keeper in the Moisturizing Concentrate.

    Colleen 06/15/2019
    Redness Control Trio

    Huge improvement

    My skin is not perfect but the level of improvement is the highest I've ever had compared to all the other products I've tried over the years. No more burning and itching skin, and I can now enjoy a much mor...

    Eve C. 06/16/2019
    Anti-Aging Trio

    Great product

    I am very pleased with how the products work and how easy the directions are to follow!

    Leslie J. 06/16/2019
    The Corrector

    Totally worth it!

    loving my skin.i can go out without any makeup since i started using only using it every night but seen the difference.

    Karen Q. 06/16/2019
    SPF 30 Sunscreen

    I will never use any other product.

    Buy 2 tubes the first time so you have for the entire summer and those winter holidays!

    Lynn S. 06/17/2019
    Anti-Aging Trio

    Anti aging trio

    I have been using this product for some time now and I love everything about it. My skin is radiant and I get compliments all the time. Thank you Riversol

    Debra O. 06/17/2019
    Daily Moisturizing Cream


    Works great and no problem with sensitivity. Doesn’t make my face look greasy or shiny and you only have to use a small amount.

    Shelley S. 06/17/2019
    Exfoliating Glycolic Peel


    I absolutely love this product. I have very sensitive skin to facial scrubs (breakouts). This formula is great.

    Ang 07/02/2019
    The Corrector

    Great product!

    I have started to use this product and really love how it makes my skin look, brighter and more even skin tone.

    Roblin M. 07/17/2019
    Moisturizing Concentrate

    Moisturizing Concentrate

    Love how this cream does not leave a greasy feeling - it absorbs right into the skin.

    Patricia C. 07/18/2019
    SPF 30 Sunscreen

    Protection Plus

    So pleased with the quality of this oil free sun protection that I bought it for my daughters.

    Honey H. 07/22/2019
    Anti-Aging Trio

    Great product!!

    One of the best products I have tried noticed a huge difference is texture and fine lines and wrinkles. This is a must try product!

    Dawn B. 07/22/2019
    Hydrating Cream Cleanser


    A great non-drying cleanser. That helps improve the skin barrier. Its non-irritating as well, which is great for keeping my face crystal clear with no redness.

    Sarah 07/25/2019
    Anti-Aging Trio with Eye Repair Treatment

    Love it

    My skin feels great and the eye repair has done wonders for under my eyes

    Pat L. 07/26/2019
    Moisturizing Concentrate

    Super Moisturizing!

    You don't need much which is why I think this cream lasts! Super hydrating for your skin especially at this time of year - a definite buy or try for sure!

    Shelley 07/26/2019
    Anti-Aging Trio

    Truly great products!!

    First skin product to actually have noticable results.

    Tiina W. 07/30/2019
    The Corrector

    The Corrector

    I've been using The Corrector since May 2019. Since then I've notice my dark spots have gone lighter. I could definitely say that I highly recommend Dr. Rivers product.

    Barbosa V 08/02/2019
    Redness Control Trio

    If you suffer from facial redness, get Redness Control Trio a give it a try. It might change your life.

    Alena 09/17/2019

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    Dr. Rivers

    Meet Dr. Rivers

    Dr. Rivers is a three-time recipient of the "Best Doctors in Canada" award. He's the author of over 130 peer reviewed articles on skin health and dermatology.

    He made Riversol skincare for his patients.

    Learn more
    Dr. Rivers

    What's Inside?

    All Riversol products contain three powerful antioxidants to ensure that your sensitive skin is glowing, comfortable, and frequently complemented:

    Vitamin C Helps reduce the look of wrinkles and even skin tone

    Beta-T An antioxidant to reduce the look of hyperpigmentation and sun damage

    Vitamin E Hydrates and soothes redness in sensitive skin, works synergistically with vitamin C

    Vitamin C Helps reduce the look of wrinkles and even skin tone

    Beta-T An antioxidant to reduce the look of hyperpigmentation and sun damage

    Vitamin E Hydrates and soothes redness in sensitive skin, works synergistically with vitamin C

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    We can help! Our sensitive skin care specialists are on duty, we even have medical doctors on staff to help with your skin concerns over the phone. When you contact us, we'll make sure you get exactly what you need.


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