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    Anti-aging skincare from Vancouver's premier dermatologist, for all skin types.

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    Worth the price

    I've used a bunch of products in the past, some specifically targeting rosacea/redness and some not. Most of them tended to leave skin greasy/shiny, and if they helped redness at all they caused acne. Or vice versa. This is the first product combination I've used in a while that actually helped reduce redness AND acne pustules. It's not a miracle overnight cure, but boy is it better than what I've tried in the past. My skin looks fairly calm for the first time in a while. Strongly recommend if you suffer from rosacea symptoms.

    Thank you for sharing your experience with Riversol!
    Great product

    Really love this product. My skin feels amazing and a little goes a long way.
    My skin is definitely brighter and much more hydrated.

    Wonderful cream

    Very moisturizing cream for Canadian winters!
    Gentle on my sensitive skin.


    I am so happy with my redness control trio and sunscreen. I have noticed a huge change in my skin. The samples helped but after 2 months of use I am seeing results and feeling them too. In my first set of before and after pictures you can see red, irritated skin and then a slight improvement in only 3 weeks. The last picture is after 2 months of use and there is no redness or irritation. I am so happy to complete a work day without hearing someone tell me how rosey my cheeks are, or ask me if I'm hot or if I just came in from a jog. Thankyou Riversol.

    Thank you so much for sharing Kristy, you look great there! Visible reduction in redness and an overall improved skin tone! :)
    Great product for great value!

    There are many reasons I am giving this a 5 Star review:
    1. The sample kit was a fantastic way to try the product. It was enough product to really see how my skin would react. My skin is aging (early 40’s) and oily and reactive. A tricky combination! My skin looked and felt incredible after the sample kit; my neighbour even asked if I recently had a facial.
    2. I am an Esthetician and have tried many many spa brands. Too many to count. This is right up there without the price tag.
    3. The customer service has been really appreciated, follow up emails asking how I was enjoying the product.
    4. Product discount on Boxing Day! Merry Christmas to this Mom of Three who needs some skin TLC. Thanks Riversol!

    You're welcome Jenna, thank you for sharing your experience with us! We agree, the sample experience is key and gives you a genuine insight into what the products are able to do for you. Many trial kits out there just don't provide enough product.

    *Individual results may vary from person to person

    Dr. Rivers

    Meet Dr. Rivers, Creator of Riversol

    Known as “JR” to his patients, Dr. Rivers is a board-certified dermatologist from Vancouver, Canada. A three-time recipient of the "Best Doctors in Canada Award", Dr. Rivers has published over 130 articles on skin health and dermatology.

    Learn more about "JR"
    Dr. Rivers

    How Does it Work?

    All Riversol products contain a powerful antioxidant from the Pacific Red Cedar called Beta-T (Beta-thujaplicin). A mandatory ingredient for Dr. Rivers, this impressive anti-inflammatory molecule is very effective at calming irritation in sensitive skin, evening skin tone and restoring a glowing youthful radiance.

    He came across Beta-T during his dermatological research and to this day it has not been used in another skincare line. It took Dr. Rivers 8 years with multiple formulation chemists to stabilize this active molecule into a topical formulation.

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    All Riversol products contain three powerful antioxidants to ensure that your sensitive skin is glowing, comfortable, and frequently complemented:

    Vitamin C to help reduce the look of wrinkles and even skin tone

    Beta-T a natural anti-inflammatory molecule used to decrease skin sensitivity

    Vitamin E to promote healthy cell regeneration and boost photoprotection

    Vitamin C to help reduce the look of wrinkles and even skin tone

    Beta-T a natural anti-inflammatory molecule used to decrease skin sensitivity

    Vitamin E to promote healthy cell regeneration and boost photoprotection

    Not sure which products are right for you?

    We can help! Our sensitive skin care specialists are on duty, we even have medical doctors on staff to help diagnose your skin concerns over the phone. When you contact us, we'll make sure you get exactly what you need.


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