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Two-Step Restorative Treatment Pack

The Two Step Restorative Treatment Pack is simply amazing! My skin looks healthy, more youthful, & brighter. The cost of the treatment pack is minimal, perhaps an hour out of your day for this spa treatment, & the results are rewarding. I’m dedicated to Riversol’s line of products.

Hydration mask is nice

Use it weekly after exfoliating mask for 20 minutes and it leaves your skin soft and glowing. Good products

Soft blue cloth

Very nice on your face so soft and refreshing

Great light coverage

Love it. It's like a tinted foundation and evens out skin tone & softens skin. I'm bad at wearing sunscreen on my face due to thickness and making my eyes burn, but this one is perfect.

The Best

I say the best eye cream, is because I saw dramatic change to my under eye area, and I have tried many, I have been using Riversol products for many years, I started with the free sample kit, and from that day on I never looked back. I get many compliments on my skin and at 67 years old, no fillers no nothing, it’s only Riversol for me…

Love the moisturizing concentrate cream. It closes up my pores. As well i like how it feels on my face.

Anti-Aging Serum
Christine Ahrens
Good product

No complaints. I like the way my skin feels and looks. Have purchased the anti aging set multiple times now

Very impressive

I was really impressed with my 15 day free trial . I have quite sensitive skin but am 54 so I need to use products . I am wanting to get my friends to try this . It feels pure and it’s simple to use


The product left my skin feeling so soft.smoothed out some fine lines. So purchased to see where it will go from here.

Anti-Aging Trio Bundle
Karlie Trefethen
Excellent product !

I received this in the form of a 15 sample and loved it! I plan to purchase in the future! It makes my skin so luminous and glass like and is so hydrating. Great for my sensitive skin!

Way better than expected

Loved the way my face looked and felt.

Moisturizing Duo
Gail Zitnay
Nice creams!

I really like these products. The creams are very moisturizing. A little goes a long way.


I love how the product leaves your face feeling soft and smooth.

Too oily

I do not find this cream "light". On the contrary, I find it heavy and sticky, so I barely apply anything which I'm sure will not give me the sun protection I want. I can't stand the thick feeling on my face. The color tone is nice

Anti-Aging Trio Bundle
Gem Depositario
Anti aging trio

I like the products it leave my face feeling soft and doesn’t look dry anymore. I’m waiting for my dark spots to disappear or fade even just a little so far I don’t see it yet.

Pleasantly surprised

I have to say i was very pleased with the 15 day sample pack, I used it as much as I could, just like directed. I have dry skin and most of the time when I use cleanser it makes my skin feel so dry, the Riversol cleanser did not, my skin felt clean and soft. The moisturizer was great I loved it out of all of the samples. I used all of the products in the sample pack and I loved all of them, I really felt that my skin benefitted from all of the products. I really hated to run out of my samples but I used them all up. I don't think I look any younger, but I don't look any older. Thanks Riversol !

Amazing Results

Just got my eye repair treatment Am confident that my experience with Riversol will continue changing the amazing results I have gotten Thank You Riversol Team

Love my Riversol

Best product I have ever used, my skin looks great. My skin is so soft and smooths . It work so well that I order the one for acne. LOVE THE PRODUCTS

love the product

These products are great, no greasy feeling on your face. dries in almost immediately, get a great sheen on my face. It also goes a long ways. no side affects, i.e. rashes or anything like that. Very happy

Anti-Aging Trio Bundle
Robin Castellano

Great product that I dearly love, makes my skin feel so smooth and this product!


I was more than pleased with the different products. Especially the rich moisturizer and 24 hr hydration. Made my face feel sooo soft

Cleansing and Moisturizing Duo
Fabiola Beauzile Forestal

The products are really good and do the job so well. After using the cleanser my face is really smooth, fresh and beautiful, I’ve started using them on my husband’s face also. He really like them.

Amazing Skincare That Works!

I absolutely love this product. I noticed almost immediately an improvement in my skin. A neighbor of mine told me about the products because she had been using them and said how much she loved them. I decided to give it a try based on her opinion. I love it. My husband and I were at a wedding a few weeks ago, and when we were at the airport waiting for our plane back home, he said to me "Whatever you've been using on your face, you should keep using it. I noticed last night at the reception how young your skin is looking". That was enough of a compliment for me to continue using the products. Thank You!!

Sunscreen 100

I have applied this lightly tinted sunscreen every day for almost 2 years. I apply it immediately after the daily moisturizer so the sunscreen blends easily and evenly. It gives my skin a moist healthy glow.

This stuff works

I used my 15 day Riversol kit, not even very consistently and noticed a definite improvement in the appearance wrinkles on my face and neck. Even my sister remarked " what are you doing for skin care? I notice that your deep wrinkle appear less."

So I purchased the kit and plan to continue.