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Great Product

I totally love the Serum, moisturer and cleanser and will be ordering. I noticed a big difference after only 7 days. This is a great product

So worth it!!

I have been using this product as directed for over a month now and have seen quite a transformation. I should have taken a before photo but I wasn’t expecting great results. The dark spots and sun damaged areas are much less noticeable and some are gone. I was very surprised at the great results as I hav sensitivities to most soaps and facial products. I love this entire line and will be a customer for life.

Great product!

This is the best product for sensitive ,red skin ,especially during the winter.


Ive used several products but this is tone bacame clearer.,pores closed up,gave me a noticeably different and beautiful look.thanks riversol

Thankful I tried but...

I broke out, contacted customerservice to discuss, and i mafe the decision to stop using it after 8 days. I was thankful for the opportunity.
Thank you

Hey Jennifer, Sorry to hear about your experience. Please get in touch if you require any assistance in the future. Best Wishes, Chloe Riversol Skincare
Product review

I like the products and appreciate the opportunity to try them. They didn't irritate my skin at all. However I did find that my skin felt a little dry . Thank you.

I'm impressed.

I received a thoroughly organized sample package with a detailed description of how to use the products throughout the test period. A big plus! It was easy to follow the schedule. I could already see something good happening with my skin after one use (cleanser & moisturizer) - it got very warm and pinky (in a healthy way, of course). As if the anti-aging compounds had already started reviving my skin - it literally felt like after a really good workout outside. Not artificially inflamed or itchy, but refreshed and radiant. And at the very next day, I noticed that my skin got less inflamed than before and my skin tone evened out. My skin kept reacting this way to all the attached products throughout the whole test period. Hopefully this was a good sign that my skin properly absorbed all active ingredients. The most remarkable change I had noticed already few days after using the cleanser and moisturizer was in my skin tone (inflammation and dull skin caused mostly by sun damage/stress/not enough sleep) - it has drastically evened out and the skin got smoother. I liked the consistency of the serum that was easy to distribute all over the face and got absorbed really quickly. So, I’m impressed. I will give it a try and order the Riversol anti-aging collection for sensitive skin as soon as I run out of my current skincare products.

Riversol Review

I did like the product and think I did notice some improvement in my wrinkles. Have to try a longer period of time to see more results

Dont have it!

I havent received it yet.....still waiting!


15-Day Anti-Aging Sample Kit

Nice products

I have been using the products and have noticed my skin feeling better nd also looking better. I was als away on holidays so will see how it works now that I a have returned back to the cold, dry weather.


Excellent product

Good products

Really love the products. I've seen the difference so rapidly. My skin looks incredible. Thank you so much.

Great things happen with a fresh face

After you get how it works and when to add what to your routine, these sample make us want the whole treatment! My face has never felt better. Thank you


I can see and feel a difference in my skin

Wonderful products!!!

Used everything during my week away on vacation and was not disappointed! Amazing results. Loved everything!!

Enjoyed your product

Your product was great!

Riversol products

I love your products my skin is so beautiful Thank you so much


After getting a conventional peel I was after something much more mild for my skin. I have only used the 2 step products twice and am already so impressed how my skin looks and feels. Such a great product for people with sensitive skin, while strong enough to have an affect. Thank you!

Surprisingly Good

Easy to use made skin soft and very smooth


The sample seems to really on my oily skin. The instruction was simple, clear and helps me a lot since I don't have a routine and don't know much about it. Honestly, I have no complaint. My skin is a lot better now. Thank you.

SPF 30 lightweight Broad Spectrum Sunscreen

Goes on smooth with just the right amount of tint.

Best Anti-Aging

I’m so very grateful that I got to try the Riversol 15 Day Anti-Aging Sample Kit for free. It is amazing I can already see my lines getting smaller. It’s incredible.

Really nice anti-aging product

You can really see a difference in a short time.

Love it

I thought that the result was very good in 15 days. You can see a difference on the fines lines right away.

Supple smooth skin

I loved the free sample. Easy to order, generous supply. I like the ingredient list too. As natural as possible.


I really enjoy the product .
thank you louise

Don’t know

I didn’t receive my kit.

It's a Yes!

I enjoy the sample kit and I have purchased the products at my local Pharmasave Store. I love how my skin looks and feels with this product line. Thank you so much.


The Moisturizing Concentrate makes a significant improvement in my skin, I have noticed my wrinkles look reduced and overall my skin texture is improved.

Excellent Product !!!

Great product...My skin really doesn't fit the category of Dry....
Thinking I should be using something for redness instead !!


Haven’t used it yet, I’m taking it South this winter


j'ai bien aimée le résultat

Effective Eye Cream

Thank you for formulating a great treatment for the delicate eye area that shows immediate results. My eye area looked smoother and softer after the first application and continues to improve.


My skin feels amazing, looks brighter; love the serum. Highly recommend.

Great product!

Incredible results! Love this product!!

Best I've tried

Really love the product, my skin feels amazing

Great - loved it

I have a face that is easily prone to acne in my late 40's. This has been awesome - I am just about to start week three and love how non greasy and easy this is to use . My skin has had no flare ups and is looking good

Riversol Anti aging

Loved the product! Espicially the moisturizer!

Lighter and brighter

My skin becomes lighter and brighter. The fine lines disappear.

Vers good

My skin is really soft !

great prooduct

loved the product but my finances are tight can not afford to purchase right now

15 daytrial

I love the products and have seen improvements to my skin tone and finer lines
Absolutely love the Peel .
My only issue is cost. .I'll have to wait for a good sale to purchase but will rave about these products to everyone I know

Good anti-aging product

Very good I started seeing difference on my face very quit. It made my skin very fresh love it