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You've got to try this...The only thing you've got to lose is your wrinkles!!

I love these products! I have been using the Anti-Aging Trio, along with the Eye Repair and the Exfoliating Glycolic Peel. My skin (which is 56 years old) is soft and smooth, and I am seeing a major decrease in fine lines and wrinkles around my eyes and mouth. I have always been one of those people that will try something once and if it doesn't work, move on to something else. Well this stuff works!! I am a "for life" customer now and wouldn't think of using anything but Riversol products on my face, they are that good! Try them... you've got nothing to lose but your wrinkles!

Sheri we are thrilled! Thanks for the great feedback!
Great products!

Definitely saw a difference shortly after I started the trial. Will be a regular customer from now on.


It was great but unfortunately I am on a fixed income so its beyond my resources financially

Love this!

I just ordered a full size of the moisturizer for sensitive skin. I have tried so many different products over the years and this one is wonderful. I love the texture and how my skin looks after! It's a new must have. My dermatologist recently said my skin looked great. I'm proud to say I will be 47 next month. I'm in love with these products, no more wasting money on products that don't work!

Deonna, that is great news!

I like this skincare line. When I called regarding the rather small amount of cleanser, I was immediately sent replacements. Proceed with confidence - good basic skincare.

Great skin care routine

Loved the way it made my skin feel... routine was easy. Purchased to help with bad melasma. Didn't see any change in 2 weeks. Would purchase again for other advantages though

Loved it!

I really enjoyed using this product. The cleanser truly made my face feel cleaner and look vibrant.. the cream was light, non fragrant (very important). Not sur about the serum but all in all my face hasn't felt dry or greasy. It feels clean and soft.

Amazing product!!

I loved everything in the sample kit!! I even got an eye cream I requested and it was awesome!! I am definitely going to order full size products!! I wish I could order more sample sizes for travel!!

Oh I think I am in love!

I absolutely love the products. It left my skin feeling clean but not stripped and tight. The only reason I didn't give it a 5 star is that I found the moisturizer a little too heavy especially for hot humid days. But other than that I love it!

Anti-aging trio

I'm pleased with the results of the anti-aging trio. My skin looks and feels younger. I had vertical lines on my neck that have completely disappeared and my face is a more even skin tone (visible lines and dark spots have been reduced).

Thanks for proving the sample. I wouldn't have ordered this without trying it first!


I love Riversol! My skin is very sensitive and reactive, but it was soothed and refreshed with this product. I look forward to purchasing it in the future!


I NEVER write about products b/c I've tried soooo many eye creams/treatments and this is by far the BEST!!!


Great product. I just received it but loved the samples. The customer service is ten out of ten and very nice packaging.

Wish I had found this sooner

I have been very impressed and have seen a difference in my skin . For years I have used expensive brands and this appears to be the best.

Enjoying these products!

After using the redness control trio for about 2 months, my skin is much calmer - less redness, no breakouts, and my skin is much softer & less oily than it's been in years. I've also noticed bumps on my face are getting smaller/disappearing. Thank you.


I really like this product. Feel like it has helped my aging skin and hope to save up to buy the full size soon. I like this company because of the opportunity to try the product free. Not many companies offer this type thing. Thank you.

Love it!

I have dry , sensitive skin and riscacea and the sample pack just dried out my skin. So glad they made this cream for us dry skins. I love it!! My redness is gone. Skin is moisturizer! I just hope it is good enough for the winter. And, a little goes a long way. Again, love it !!! Thank you Riversol!!!

Great products!

I tried the 15 day sample kit. A little goes a long way! Loved the way my skin felt while using them. A really great skin care routine and easy to use.

Amazing products!

I was very happy with the results I started seeing after using these products for only a few days. My skin was softer and the redness had faded. I will definitely be continuing to use Riversol in the future. I would also recommend it without a second thought. Thank you so much for providing me with the sample kit, the hand written note was a nice touch as well.

Jessica, that's great news! Thanks for providing the feedback!
A more refined complexion

I use this once a week, and have for 4 weeks now. My skin is more refined, pores are smaller, it has smoother texture and even some of the fine lines are decreasing. As a 41 year old Australian who has seen way too much sun, I know enough not expect miracles, however this product (along with the other 3 I also use) has certainly delivered what I'd hope for.

Love it!

I love this eye cream and also the pump packaging. I have dry skin and this helps my eye area look soft and smooth... it's a yes! It's a bit pricey though. I am 51 so it's never to late;)

Rivers of Rocks!

I have never usd skin care products in the past because I always had the idea that the alcohol in them would dry out my skin more! However, I am at the age that I was ready to try something! Riversol is amazing! My skin has never looked or felt so good! My dark spots are lightening, and one has disappeared almost completely! The dark circles under my eyes are lightening also! of all, no drying out of my skin! It feels hydrated alll day! I am so impressed, definitely going to buy the trio, and I have shared this with my wife and my friends on Facebook! Thank you for a wonderful product!

Great product!

I haven't been using the products as diligently as I should, but I'm still seeing amazing results! My skin tone is becoming more even, my skin feels soft and smooth, and I'm seeing less small lines around my eyes and mouth. Amazing!

My Dry and Aging Skin Loves your Product!

I am really enjoying my sample of Riversol Skincare products! I'm not super disciplined at using them - and have yet to try the face peel - but my face, neck, and declatte are responding to the additional moisture and serum quite nicely. Thank you for the opportunity to try before I buy!

Pretty Good.

While I haven't completed the full two weeks, I'm satisfied with the regimen. I haven't seen any dramatic results, but I love how my skin feels after the moisturizer. I have redness, acne scars, and other pigmentation issues, so perhaps in time, the improvements will be more visible.


First product I liked in years. Made my face feel WONDERFUL

Loving the moisture

I love the combo of all three products. My skin glows immediately after using and is so clear and smooth. I wish I could retain that fresh faced feeling throughout the day. I no longer wear anything more than mascara on the weekend. My skin just glows.

Riversol Redness Control

I ordered the 15 day sample kit from Riversol with no expectations. After the second day, I noticed a huge difference in the color of my skin. The Riversol, did exactly what it claimed it would do. It reduced the redness on my face significantly. I had been using Roden & Fields for the last 6 months and only noticed a very slight difference in my skin. Riversol surpassed the R&F by far and it is half the price. I reordered the Redness Control Kit from Riversol and I am very satisfied with the product. It is certainly worth a try and with the 15 day sample kit they offer you really have nothing to loose. Thank You for putting out an honest product that gives results.

Best darn stuff out there

At first I was hesitant to order the sample pack. I wondered what made it so different. I have tried Clinique, Arbonne, Olay and even stuff from the spa and never really saw an impact.
But this? My skin glows. It pampera my skin and I love how it feels! Totally ordered the full size even before I was thru my sample pack

Nice product

I liked the texture of the product and that it wasn't overly scented.
I may have noticed a slight change in a discoloration spot, but it was minimal.

Certainly worth trying this product

It is Amazing

It really does make a difference in the way my face and neck looks even with me. I am terrible about being consistent with anything I use, but with Riversol I could be inconsistent and forget about using it for a couple of days, then start back up. I didn't really notice that much improvement until I started putting the serum on daily. It totally made my results stand out for me. I just wish I could afford the full size products.
It doesn't happen overnight and certainly not if you do it the way I do, but Riversol does improve the appearance of small lines and elasticity in your face and neck. It's so easy to use, it's worth trying. I love the pleasant light pine fragrance.

Riversol rocks

I think the title says it all. Great products actually. The only thing I didn't enjoy was the day moisture cream which felt greasy but everything else was awesome and I did see a difference to my skin. Did it take all the lines away? No but I am also close to 70 so wasn't expecting that. The tone of my skin is more even though and felt really clean using it

my 15 day trial review

I ordered this trial because it had no subscription or payment for product, truly a free trial. I rec'd the product after a longer wait than expected of almost 2 weeks. But when I first tried the cleanser and moisturizer I was very impressed with how my skin absorbed it and felt afterwards. Well worth the wait! I had some rosacea and sun dryness that cleared up within 3 days. Then when started using the age defying serum I couldn't believe how my skin reacted by being smoothed out and felt tighter. With the moisturizer, the serum really seems to have helped my skin rejuvenate it's youthful appearance. I will purchase these products in the near future.

Riversol raves

I have rosacea I have tried several things including a prescription for metronidazole which my doctor even tells me is not good for long-term use I've tried charcoal soap's Teatree oil coconut oil other essential oil's so far riversols product has helped ease some of the flareups the redness most especially any dry or flaky skin however I found the free glycolic acid sample tended to make you break out again but the other products seem to be doing well I plan on purchasing the full-size volumes and get this a longer-term range of treatment so far it feels good it's not greasy it absorbs well under make up and doesn't compromise or break down the foundations

Great product

Hi just wanted to give you my honest personal opinion on your product.
First let me give you a little background on my facial skin.
I have rosacea and during the summer months it can get really bad.

I sent for your product and received it during the week of June 22nd. I was anxious to start it so I began first thing Friday (23rd)
Days 1-5
I used the wash and cream according to instructions. I loved how it made my face feel smooth and healthy. I was very pleased.
Days 6-10
I used the facial wash Then the Serum, waited for about half an hour then put the cream on.
Withing an hour my face starting to itch and red blotches were showing pretty bad.
I decided to stop the serum and just continue with the wash and cream. I had to give my face about 3 days to calm down and start back up again.

Day 11-15
By this time I found out I could not use the peel nor the serum and just the wash and cream, however the cream has been causing some itching.

I have a dry patch between my eyes (looks like a red diamond) and it goes over the top of my right eye brow.

Overall I think your product is Great and your customer service is wonderful.
However I believe I may need to try your product for red, itchy skin.
Summer months are very frustrating for me trying to find a product I can use.

Pro's: Very moisturizing for my face. Light, and refreshing. I face had a nice healthy glow.

Con's: Does not come with SPF. Cream could be a bit more thicker to last the day.
Thank you for the opportunity to try your product. I will see if your product for redness and itchy has a wash and cream only. Not sure if I want to buy the whole kit.
Stella Flores

15-day anti-aging sample kit for combination skin

I would like better packaging but I love the product especially anti-aging reparative serum


I used the 15 day trial and was quite happy with the way it was making my skin feel. I have now been using it consistently for over a month and what a difference in my skin! It is brighter, softer, my fine lines on my forehead and around my eyes are not as noticeable, and it just looks healthier! The dull redness around my cheeks has gone away and even on my decolletage where the redness is the worst, it is not as red as it used to be. Very happy with this product and will definitely continue to use it.

anti aging breakthrough

I have been using the Riversol products for a month now. The serum is great, its light weight and my skin drinks it in. The serum has helped with fine wrinkles and has faded my dark spots some. I also use the moisturizing concentrate for dry skin, its very thick, takes just a little bit for my whole face, it does moisturize very well, my skin feels very soft in the morning. I had to call customer service about the serum when I first got it, it had came open in the package and spilled, they were very prompt and sent out a new one, thank you! I would recommend this product to others, its not to expensive and I feel its worth every penny I have spent!

Diane's review

I'm very pleased with the results of using Riversol and after finishing my second trial I will decide which of the two I tried I will definitely purchase. I have to also comment on the no hidden fees or cost or commitment for that matter that this company offers Very good business ethics!

Great product!

Great product! It is hydrating but don't see the result on my dark spots. I do love the eye cream


I ised the one for sensitive skin and I would like to order one more trial to continue to see results. My skin stopped breaking out and was way clearer, as well as the hyperpigmentation, which I am confident would fade even more. So far I am really excited!


Excellent cream.


This product works like no other. Results are noticable right away.

Amazing Products, Amazing Results, Amazing Company!!

Loved the products, that's why I ordered them after the 15 day trial period. My redness from Roseasea greatly subsided, and my skin felt and looked 100 percent better. I trust Dr. Rivers so much, that I called his office and asked for a referral to a dermatologist in the GTA. Thanks Dr. Rivers and Riversol!!!

Best product ever

Been using this product since March and love how it makes my 50 year old face feel and look. the fine lines are disappearing and my skin feels smoother than ever before.


Loved the whole collection, especially the cream.


Riversol 15-Day Anti-Aging Sample Kit for Normal to Dry Skin


Lightweight Moisturizing Lotion

5 Stars!!

First off, I appreciate the samples. Plenty to get a good feel on how my skin reacts. Secondly the customer service was nop notch! From the cleanser to the serum, the moisturizer to the glycolic peel...they were all awesome and I will be ordering and letting my friends know about Riversol as well. Thank you!