6 Tips on Caring for Skin Care


When it comes to skin care products, proper care can be just as important as proper use. Taking a few extra steps can not only extend the shelf life of your products, it can ensure they’re working at their absolute best (so you continue looking your absolute best). Follow these smart tips on how to care for your Riversol products so you get the most out of them.

  1. Wash Your Hands Before Going In

    As we all know too well, hands are a breeding ground for all manner of bacteria and germs we pick up in the world (especially in the bathroom). To keep the good stuff unscathed and to avoid contaminating your skin, make sure your hands are squeaky clean before touching your products, or your face.

  2. Tighten Those Lids

    Seems like a no-brainer, but it’s the one most often missed. Nothing dries out a product more quickly than an open lid. It exposes the product to the air and airborne bacteria that can affect shelf life and efficacy (not to mention spreading that bacteria to your face). 

  3. Use Your Tools

    The best way to keep bacteria out? Avoid dipping your hands in altogether. Instead, use the handy applicator spoon that comes with some products, like our Daily Moisturizing Cream. Not only does it make less of a mess, it helps to keep bacteria and contaminants out. 

  4. Some Like the Cold

    Products that are highly sensitive to heat or light, like most with Vitamin C or retinoids, or organic, plant-based ingredients, can benefit from being stored in the fridge. This helps them last longer and prevents the formulations from breaking down too easily. If you're going to take this approach, we recommend keeping the product in a sealed bag to ensure there’s no chance for bacteria to get inside. It's worth noting that the phosphate form vitamin C in Riversol, and other products doesn't require refrigerated storage. Phosphate form vitamin C AKA Vitagen is more stable than other forms of vitamin C. To learn more about the different types of vitamin C, find our ingredient glossary here.  

  5. Some Hate the Cold

    Oil-based products like some serums, and oil based cleansers can become cloudy and will begin to separate when  stored in colder temperatures. The ideal storage for these types of products is in a dry place at room temperature out of direct sunlight, e.g. in a cabinet or drawer outside of the bathroom.

  6. Skip the Bathroom Vanity (If You Can)

    Because the air inside a bathroom vanity can vary from room temperature, to hot and steamy, keeping products here isn't doing them any favors. The constant flux in temperature can alter the look, feel, smell and effectiveness of some products. If you must keep them in the bathroom, skip the vanity and go low. Heat rises so if you can store your products in a low drawer or under the sink, it's ideal. 

A note on storage: While some skincare is highly sensitive to changes in temperature, humidity, and light; a key aspect of dermatologist developed skincare is to create formulations that remain stable across a range of conditions. It's safe to store Riversol in the normal range of climates that exist in the bathroom, or anywhere else in the home. That said, Riversol doesn't do well after being frozen so try and store the products above 0 degrees Celsius.