Want to help us develop and improve our skincare?


Direct feedback from customers like you is what makes Riversol the company it is. That’s why the Riversol team and Dr. Rivers want your help to develop and create the best possible products.

You can be a part of this program by signing up below. You’ll hear about opportunities to trial our latest formulations before they're launched, participate in customer interview events, and help shape the future of Riversol.

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Recent Opportunities

  • 1% Retinol Treatment Research Trial: Ended Jan 6

How the Program Works

We're constantly creating new products and need volunteers to help us with feedback and improvements. 

Step 1:
Apply for the Research & Development Community above. 

Step 2: 
Look out for an email from us whenever a trial is available! You'll be the first to know about any new product trials, focus group opportunities, and more.

How Trials Work

Once you let us know you want to participate in a trial, we'll randomly select volunteers based on how many samples we have available. Trials are 8-12 weeks long.

Selected volunteers will receive a small sample of the new product and a trial start date. 

During the trial, we need to check in by email every week for a couple of minutes to collect your feedback.

Join the R&D Program

If you have any thoughts on the Riversol Research & Development program, our products, or our company in general, please feel free to give us a call at 1.866.774.8377 or email us at