Dr. Rivers Q&A: What Everybody Ought to Know About the Newest Skincare Trends


You asked, Dr. Rivers answered! Dr. Rivers answers some of your most asked questions about current skincare trends. Have a question you want Dr. Rivers to answer? As always, if you have any inquiries please send us an e-mail at 

1. Do ice rollers actually reduce puffiness, toxins and muscle tension?

Ice rollers can reduce puffiness as they can cause constriction of blood vessels close to the surface of the skin. Constricted blood vessels means less blood and less swelling. In terms of muscle tension, extreme cold (temperatures around -100°C) has been used for some treatments of arthritis. Sparkling Hill Resort has a cryochamber that lots of hockey players use for body pain. I'm not sure about ice rollers and their power to detoxify.

2. Can using ice directly on the skin for ice facials cause any harm?

Not likely the case with a quick pass, but VERY prolonged exposure to cold temperatures can induce more pronounced blood vessels. These appear as enlarged capillaries on the skin. Darker skin-toned individuals may also experience areas of hyperpigmentation. This is only the case with prolonged exposure to very cold temperatures, not likely to be caused by an ice roller or ice facial treatment.

3. Is dermaplaning worth it? 

Dermaplaning causes some exfoliation of the skin and can remove fine hairs. It has a very mild stimulatory effect on the skin. This treatment won't give you long-term, corrective benefits, but many people enjoy it. It's a nice cosmetic procedure. 

4. Is facial steaming a worthwhile skincare routine addition?

Steaming itself won't hurt the skin, but you're really exposing your skin to heat. The problem with too much heat is that infrared energy can damage the skin. Warm water can help dirt and oils dissolve more easily, but there isn't much being added to your routine by steaming other than this benefitFor Rosacea patients, the heat may make their skin worse and trigger symptoms.  

Additionally, steaming alone doesn't actually clear pores, extract bacteria or prevent acne breakouts. It can be used to help soften blackheads and non-inflamed clogged pores for a professional to extract, but steaming has little effect on inflamed pimples. For those with concerns like acne, it'd be more effective to use a topical treatment.

5. Can edible collagen supplements help the appearance of the skin? 

When you take an edible collagen supplement, you have to remember that the collagen is broken down into amino acids in the stomach and then rebuilt. It would probably be more effective eating steak, red vegetables, dark leafy greens, or citrus fruits to help your body's natural production of collagen.

6. Do LED masks work?

LED masks utilize a mechanism called photomodulation. There are lots of papers that support it but, quite frankly, the clinical effects are minimal from what I've seen.