Take Control Of Your Acne
Gentle, Effective, Predictable

An All-in-One Acne Treatment that treats and prevents breakouts before they start.


Gentle and Effective on even the most sensitive skin

Treats & Prevents

Reduces redness and size of acne pimples and prevents future breakouts

Expertly Formulated

Fragrance-Free, Hypoallergenic, Benzene-Free

Dual-Chambered Formula For
Maximum Effectiveness

Our ultra-gentle, acne-treating formula is stored in two chambers, protecting the integrity of the active ingredients until you’re ready to apply. Once mixed, the patented formula, with 0.6% Salicylic Acid, is activated, creating a slightly acidic environment on your skin’s surface which makes it inhospitable to acne-causing bacteria. 

Our patented base formulation

Activates and makes the skin inhospitable to acne-causing bacteria.

Our patented base formulation

Activates and makes the skin inhospitable to acne-causing bacteria.

An Acidifying Solution

With .6% salicylic acid that helps open
the acne pores, which can help to control breakouts

Super Gentle Formula

See clearer skin in just two weeks, with consistent improvement over 6-8 weeks.

0.6% Salicylic Acid

A beta hydroxy acid (BHA)

derived from willow trees.

Penetrates into pores

to dry out excess oil, helping to prevent clogged pores, blackheads and whiteheads.

Free of Benzoyl Peroxide and Fragrance. Non-irritating formula suitable for sensitive skin

Visible results within 14 days and continued improvement for clearer, more predictable skin with use.

32-year-old female, acne lesions distributed on face

10 weeks of use

28-year-old female, acne lesions distributed on chin

8 weeks of use

25-year-old male, acne lesions distributed on face

6 weeks of use

23-year-old female, acne lesions distributed under the lip

2 weeks of use

Dr. Jason Rivers Dr. Jason Rivers
About Our Founder

Dr. Jason Rivers

Dr. Rivers is Canada’s unparalleled expert on skin health and dermatology.

He's the author of over 170 peer reviewed articles on skin health and dermatology. He’s the past president of the Canadian Dermatology Association as well as the Acne and Rosacea Society of Canada. Dr. Rivers has been practicing clinical dermatology for over 30 years here in Vancouver. He made Riversol skincare for his patients.

His expertise in skin health makes for world-class formulations. His caring nature and dedication to his patients sets the tone for our brand.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will it work on cystic acne?

Cystic acne can be very complex and generally requires oral treatment: antibiotics or isotretinoin. If the cystic acne is caused by hormonal factors, the birth control pill, or spironolactone are commonly used options.

2. How is the product incorporated into your routine?

We would suggest using the product after cleansing, and before a moisturizer. The selection of each would vary depending on skin type. A 4% Glycolic Peel and sunscreen would be excellent additions to any acne routine.

3. Is this product pregnancy safe?

Totally safe.

4. Will this dry out my skin?

It shouldn't. The salicylic acid content at 0.6% is a safe concentration for skin prone to dryness. Additionally, the patented base formulation contains hydrating ingredients.

5. Why 0.6% salicylic acid?

This amount is required to acidify the base formulation and help clear some acne pimples in the process with mild exfoliation. 0.6% salicylic won't be overly drying on the skin, which is beneficial for acne patients. Salicylic acid is keratolytic. It helps open the acne pores, which can help to control breakouts. However, too much can irritate and peel the skin excessively.