What Causes Rosacea

By Dr. Rivers

“Figuring out exactly what causes rosacea” is the first step to finding an appropriate treatment for rosacea.

There is no cure for rosacea. And it’s not known what is responsible for its development. But, extensive research has given life to five leading theories. There’s also effective options to treat rosacea and redness-prone skin. If treatment is your priority, you can find relief with Riversol. And it’s free to try. Just click the button below when you’re ready. But, if you’re interested in the latest research about what causes rosacea, keep reading.


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5 Clinical theories about what causes Rosacea


Problems with Your Immune System

When your immune system isn’t functioning well, it could lead to the development of rosacea by creating abnormal proteins. These proteins affect the way blood vessels work and can cause redness or swelling (inflammation). The human immune system protects your skin from microorganisms, damage from the UV rays, and also physical or chemical injury. Problems with your immune system can lead to long-term swelling or redness (inflammation), and blood vessel dysfunction seen in rosacea.


A Reaction to Microorganisms

Reactions to germs on the skin may be the cause of skin redness or swelling. There are a number of different germs or microorganisms that are the cause:

Demodex Mite and Bacillus Oleronius

The way Demodex causes rosacea may be due to a combination of factors. These factors include a reaction to the proteins produced by bacillus oleronius, an allergic reaction to Demodex, and / or other microbes that may be associated with Demodex mites.

Helicobacter pylori

Most commonly known for its role in acid reflux (heartburn), this bacterial infection in rosacea is debatable.

Staphylococcus epidermidis, chlamydia pneumoniae, and small intestine bacteria.


Sun Exposure

Ultraviolet rays from the sun are often recorded as a trigger for rosacea.  This is mostly because of the presence of rosacea on severe sun-exposed skin, signs of sun damage on rosacea skin tests, and a greater incidence of rosacea in fair-skinned people.


Inappropriate Blood Vessel Function

Facial flushing is common in rosacea and it’s also associated with worsening rosacea. Blood flow increases in the skin of some rosacea patients. This means overactive blood vessels could be a cause of rosacea. Overactive blood vessels link to abnormalities of the nerves that control them. The normal process responsible for controlling heat may cause flushing in rosacea.



People with a family history of rosacea are more likely to develop the disorder. However, at this time genes related to an increased risk for rosacea have not been identified.


Dr Rivers


Dr. Rivers is a three-time recipient of the “Best Doctors in Canada” award.

He’s the author of over 170 peer reviewed articles on skin health and dermatology.

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One method of discovering your personal rosacea triggers is ...

to keep a daily rosacea journal. Keep track of environmental and lifestyle factors while observing your rosacea symptoms on a daily basis. Track and record weather conditions, foods and beverages you consume, exercise, your stress levels, products you use on your face, medications you take, and anything that causes flushing (such as hot showers or baths). You can even try tracking apps available for smartphones. Interested in more information about rosacea? Click here to see our complete guide to rosacea treatment.

Knowing the causes of rosacea is important. But so is treating it. Here’s how…

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