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Get skin that looks fresher, brighter, and smoother

Imagine. In only 15 days, you can brighten your complexion and smooth wrinkles for noticeably younger-looking skin..
And the best part? You can try a long-lasting sample kit for free.

How it works

Over 1.5M people have ordered their free anti-aging sample kit, here's why you should too:

  • You won't waste your time, money, or hope on facial skincare products that don't give you the smoother, more even-toned, and hydrated skin you're looking for
  • Not only do you get to try dermatologist-developed skincare for free, but you'll get expert instructions on how to use it (you'll be amazed at how much of a difference this makes for your skin)
  • You'll get a sample kit that includes a cleanser, a vitamin-packed anti-aging serum, and a hydrating moisturizer cream that you can customize for your specific skin type - this is not a one-size-fits-all freebie!
  • See a noticeable transformation in your skin. That's because it's a long-lasting, 15-day sample. You'll know if it's working for you and your skin. Too many other brands offer samples that only last a day or two (That simply isn't enough time to get a feel for how it works)
  • It's 100% free. There are no strings attached, no shipping fees, no annoying subscriptions, and we don't ask for your credit card. Just place your order, and we'll take care of the rest! 

Get your free 15-day sample Get your free 15-day sample

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What's in the kit?

A Cleanser to Remove Impurities

There are two Riversol cleansers to choose from: The Refreshing Gel cleanser to clean and balance oily and combination skin, or the Hydrating Cream cleanser to gently cleanse normal to very dry skin.

A Serum to Restore Radiance

The Anti-Aging Reparative Serum restores a healthy radiance to the skin while it works to reduce the look of dark spots.

A Moisturizer to Hydrate and Protect

Choose from a mattifying Lightweight Lotion for oily skin, a Daily Moisturizing Cream for normal to dry skin, or our intensive Moisturizing Concentrate for very dry skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be any automatic charges or shipments?

Absolutely not. Our sample program is simply a chance to try Riversol.
It is completely free with no strings attached. We'll even cover the shipping. We hope that after sampling Riversol you come back to shop the full sized products but if our skincare isn't for you there is nothing to cancel.

Is Riversol hypoallergenic?

All Riversol products are produced and tested to the highest standards of tolerance on sensitive skin. They are hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, colorant-free and cruelty free.

How long will my sample take to arrive?

This depends on what shipping method you choose and where you are located. With our standard shipping method our sample kits should arrive to anywhere in North America within 10 business days.

What's included?

Our sample kit includes 3 cleanser sachet samples, 3 serum samples, and 3 moisturizer samples. These are customized to match your skin type and concerns. As a bonus, each sample kit also includes a sample of our Exfoliating Glycolic Peel.

Do I have to order after taking a sample?

No, you do not have to order after taking a sample. While we would like to see you again as a customer, if Riversol is not right for you, we understand that everyone's skin is different.

How do I know if I have sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin is characterized by a variety of unpleasant sensations. You may experience burning, pain, mild to severe itching aka pruritis, or even a tickling sensation.In addition, you may occasionally experience redness or an intolerance to other products.
If you're still unsure you can contact us by email or call us at 1 866 774 8377 (or if we're available chat with us!)

How do I know Riversol is right for me?

It is impossible to know if a skincare product is right for you without trying it so Dr. Rivers believes that you should sample a new skincare line before purchasing. We created our 15-day sample kit for exactly this purpose.

Dr. Jason Rivers Dr. Jason Rivers
About Our Founder

Dr. Jason Rivers

Dr. Rivers is Canada’s unparalleled expert on skin health and dermatology.

He's the author of over 170 peer reviewed articles on skin health and dermatology. He’s the past president of the Canadian Dermatology Association as well as the Acne and Rosacea Society of Canada. Dr. Rivers has been practicing clinical dermatology for over 30 years here in Vancouver. He made Riversol skincare for his patients.

His expertise in skin health makes for world-class formulations. His caring nature and dedication to his patients sets the tone for our brand.

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