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Get skin that looks fresher, brighter, and smoother

Imagine. In only 15 days, you can brighten your complexion and smooth wrinkles for noticeably younger-looking skin.
And the best part? You can try a long-lasting sample kit for free.

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5 reasons why customers trust Riversol

Reaction-free skincare for all skin types and colours

Every Riversol ingredient is carefully selected to work for sensitive skin. Whether you’re looking to prevent signs of aging, reduce redness, or find a gentle daily cleanser – you can be sure you’re getting a safe solution that actually provides results without irritation.

Simple, effective routines that won’t leave you guessing

Tired of buying and trying dozens of products with the hopes that one will work? Riversol is easy to use and understand. There’s no complicated routines or steps. You get a simple routine that will work for your specific skin concerns, and give you the complexion you’ve always wanted. The simplified approach makes it easy to know what to use and when.

Fragrance-free, hypoallergenic formulations

While added fragrance can contribute to a feeling of luxury, it can also keep your skin sensitive and inflamed. Or even cause headaches and reactions that keep you shopping for another solution. Riversol products don’t contain irritants like fillers, parabens, formaldehyde-releasing agents, or fragrances so you can be sure your sensitive skin won’t react.

Support from sensitive skin specialists

The Riversol customer service team members are all sensitive skin specialists – not sensitive skin salespeople. They’re on duty 6 days a week to answer any questions or concerns by phone, live chat, or email. They’ll help you find the perfect solution for your skin.

Riversol guarantees your satisfaction

The bottom line? Skincare for people with sensitive skin has to work without causing a reaction. Riversol offers a 60-day money back guarantee on all products. If for any reason you’re not satisfied, you can call, email, or chat to customer support to receive your full refund, hassle-free.

What do thousands of customers who choose Riversol over other major brands say?

We asked new customers what they like about Riversol, why they purchased after trying the sample kit, and what they were using before. 

The responses were phenomenal! In fact, 97.8% of respondents said they would recommend Riversol to their friends. 

Here are some of the highlights:  “Canadian, natural, unscented, fast delivery, free samples, reasonable prices, my face skin feels amazing since using Riversol”

“Gentle on the skin; effective to what they say the benefits/results are; good price point; offer travel sizes”

“I saw a real difference in the pigmentation of my face. Recently, after I showered someone commented on my makeup. I WASN’T WEARING MAKEUP!”

Safe & Secure

What Our Customers Are Saying

Riversol Vs Other Brands


Free 15 Day Sample

No initial investment required

Developed by award winning dermatologist

Sensitive skin safe

Support from responsive customer service

Other Brands

You have to buy it to try it

Developed by award winning dermatologist

You have to cross your fingers it will work for you

Mass market produced

Generic customer support

Riversol Vs Other Brands

Free 15 Day Sample
No initial investment required
Developed by award winning dermatologist
Sensitive skin safe
Support from responsive customer service

How a Riversol free sample works


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Fill out the quick form, and we'll get your free sample in the mail. (We don't ask for credit card info.)


Get prepped for your new skincare solution

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Start your new anti-aging routine

Now the fun part! Dig into your new complexion smoothing skincare. But be sure to follow the instructions for your best skin results.

Meet Dr. Rivers


Dr. Rivers is a three-time recipient of the "Best Doctors in Canada" award. He's the author of over 130 peer reviewed articles on skin health and dermatology.

He made Riversol skincare for his patients at his clinic. Today his products are enjoyed by customers all over the world. Riversol products help fight the signs of aging and reduces the effects of rosacea.

Brighter, smoother, more hydrated skin

See a transformation in your skin with Riversol Skincare Solution.

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