Your guide to healthy sensitive skin

The information below is sourced from current primary peer-reviewed medical literature to help you better understand your sensitive skin. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Riversol skincare was developed by Canadian Dermatologist Dr. Jason Rivers specifically for his patients with sensitive skin. If you are interested in trying a free sample of Dr. Rivers line, you can do so here.

Summer Skin Myths

Dr. Rivers shares the 4 most common misconceptions related to skin health in the summer.

7 Essential Makeup Tips for Sensitive Skin

A Dermatologists' perspective.

The Complete Guide to Sensitive Skin

Everything you need to know to properly care for sensitive skin from choosing sensitive skin care to the best make-up tips for sensitive skin.

Exfoliants, the Facts About Glycolic Peels

Learn about safe exfoliation for sensitive skin. How to do it and what to avoid.

Pregnancy Skincare

Our complete guide covering everything from pre-natal care, to skin changes post-pregnancy.

Uneven Skintone

Our complete guide to know about uneven skin tone, sun damage, and dark spots.

Contact Dermatitis

Does your skin rarely tolerate new cosmetics or skincare? Learn about this common condition.

Vitamin E and Photoprotection

Did you know that the Vitamin E in some skin care can actually amplify the protection of your sunscreen? Learn how here.

The Dry Skin Guide

Everything you need to know about dehydrated skin, the skin's natural barrier and how to take care of it.

The Dry Skin Guide

The complete resource for dehydrated skin and everything you need to know about moisturizers.

Rosacea Treatment: The Ultimate Guide

Everything you need to know about rosacea and how to manage it.

Rosacea and Diet,What's the Evidence?

There are many conflicting views on how diet affects rosacea. We have reviewed the latest research and present our findings here.

Rosacea Causes

A concise review of the available medical research to help you understand what causes rosacea.

Rosy Cheeks & Flushing

Discover the causes of flushed, rosy cheeks and what you can do to manage them.

Rosacea Facts

The basics on rosacea, common triggers and how to deal with this complicated condition.

Acne Facts

An overview of the most common forms of condiiton.

Know the Difference

Blackheads vs Whiteheads vs Large Pores.

Acne Myths

6 of the Most Common Myths About Acne.