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Avoiding irritated skin in bed

We discuss the impact your sleeping environment can have on your skin.

The Benefits of Antioxidants

Discover why the antioxidants in Riversol are making a difference in the health of your skin.


More information on Riversol's main ingredient, Beta-Thujaplicin.

The Surprising Truth About Skin Acidity

Learn more about the normal pH balance of skin is and why it is important.

Summer Skincare Myths with Dr. Rivers

Dr. Rivers shares the 4 most common misconceptions related to skin in the summer.

neck wrinkles
Neck Wrinkles: Don't Let Your Neck Betray Your Age

Learn why the neck often looks older before the face and what you can do to prevent it.

Vitamin E and Photoprotection

Did you know that the Vitamin E in skin care can amplify the protection of your sunscreen?

Pregnancy Skincare

Covering everything from pre-natal care, to skin changes post-pregnancy.

Acne in Menopausal Skin

It doesn’t seem fair to have to battle pimples, wrinkles and menopause symptoms at the same time, but please know that you are not alone.

child with rosy cheeks
Rosacea Prevention

Discover the symptoms of rosacea and how an early diagnosis could help you.

Rosacea in People of Asian, African and Hispanic Heritage

Read more about how rosacea affects everyone.

Stress and Rosacea

Learn more about stress and how it can affect your rosacea.

Cleansing, diet, and skin care

Dr. Rivers answers your questions about cleansing, diet and skin care.

Oily skin and blemishes

Answering your questions about how to deal with blemishes and oily skin.

Winter skin care

Some expert advice on winter skin care from Dr. Rivers.