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  • Happy to have received my latest order!!

    Wanted to write in and explain that this is my first time using Riversol and I LOVE it! Wow, it is truly amazing and I will most certainly be reordering this. No doubt it is going to be even more appreciated with the pending winter weather.

    Thank you to dermatologist Dr. Rivers for developing such great products and thank you for having the sales and free shipping which allow me to continue with this regime that has really impoved my skin. Your prices are truly great product value.

    Thanks again

    - Lill – Vancouver
  • I could see an immediate difference.

    I just started Riversol 3 weeks ago and already can see a difference in the texture and colour of my skin. The redness had calmed down although not completely. My skin was incredibly dry and since starting I could see an immediate difference. Not sure yet if it will totally help my redness but so far its helped quite a bit. I would recommend trying it. I bought the trial samples first.

    - Dana
  • My skin has improved greatly.

    I have very dry, sensitive skin and after using it for three weeks, the look & feel of my skin has improved greatly. I tend to have uneven skin pigmentation, which has dramatically improved since using the Riversol Cleanser.

    - Chauna
  • I can’t believe how wonderful my face looks.

    I have suffered very sensitive skin all my life plus have experienced sun damage and redness accompanied by dryness. Since using Riversol, I can’t believe how wonderful and glowing my face looks.



    - Jennie


  • My skin tone is more even and youthful!

    I absolutely love the Moisturizing Cream. My skin tone is less red, more even and youthful. I find it very gentle and calming to the skin.

    - Leanne
  • I'm so pleased with Riversol!

    I suffer from adult acne and rosacea. These products have helped to minimize breakouts while leaving my sensitive skin feeling hydrated and soft. I am so pleased with Riversol products. I am a nurse in NYC and share my results daily with specific patients!

    - Lynda
  • I love it!

    I’ve seen an improvement in my skin texture and the redness from rosacea has faded. My skin is so soft and smooth…I love it!

    - Lara
  • My face has never looked so clear and smooth!

    I have recently developed a harsh case of rosacea. I have been using Riversol every day since and I have found the products to be soothing and calming on my face. I can honestly say that my face has never looked so clear and smooth!

    - Melissa H, spa manager at Kingfisher Lodge, via Email
  • Riversol has eliminated my Rosacea symptoms.

    I had been battling with rosacea for 5 years prior to being introduced to Riversol products. I was embarrassed by the uncontrollable redness, the bumps and blotchiness. Riversol helped eliminate the irritated bumpy redness on my cheeks and around my nose and the small white heads. Also, my sun spots no longer stand out so dark, they have faded and are much less noticeable. This product has eliminated my rosacea symptoms.

    - Leslie
  • Riversol has helped my Rosacea!

    Riversol products have helped with my rosacea that I have had since I was 16 years old. I’ve tried everything and have spent so much money on useless products. I like how it hydrates my skin and brings down the redness on my cheeks and nose.

    - Amy
  • Loved the Product!

    Loved the product, not sure if my rosacea has changed, but I would keep using the product based on how well it worked for my dry skin.

    - Shelahna
  • It’s healing really well!

    I’ve noticed that the overall redness and blushing effect that I normally have has really cleared up a lot. Also, Riversol has greatly reduced the redness on my chin injury. I have a fair amount of scarring and redness around this area, which I’ve been slathering serum on — it’s healing really well.

    - Diane
  • Would I recommend Riversol? In a heartbeat!

    Before using Riversol, my skin was a lot more red and blotchy. It wasn’t really nice to look at. rosacea lowered my self confidence to the point where I’d be exercising and my face would be so red, I’d have friends come up to me and ask why I was blushing? Why am I embarrassed? I tried to tell them I wasn’t. But it would just come up so much. The first thing I noticed with Riversol was the time effect in how quickly my redness would come down. It actually made my skin a lot smoother. Would I recommend Riversol to others? Absolutely. Anybody with dry skin or rosacea, in a heartbeat.

    - Lucas
  • I wake up each morning happy to look in the mirror!

    Riversol made my skin so much less irritated and reddened. It feels softer to touch again and finally more pleasant to look at! I wake up each morning happy to look in the mirror and to see the new results I’ve been waiting for! I’m excited to wash my face knowing that there is finally a skin care product that I love, feels good on my skin and actually works for my skin.

    - Kathryn
  • Less Redness thanks to Riversol!

    I’ve had rosacea for the past 20 years. I was seeking a product that would address the rosacea, but that had safe and natural
ingredients. Since using Riversol, my skin is even-toned and has less inflammation, redness and irritation. I’m looking forward to having the clear skin that I’ve always wanted, thanks to Riversol.

    - Rose
  • Thank you Riversol!

    For years I have been fighting red blotchy dull skin & minor breakouts…with no real arsenal other than tinted concealers. It was on the first night of using the cleanser and moisturizer, that I noticed a considerable difference in the feel of my skin—softer than I’ve ever felt it. I have to admit, I was skeptical of using such a concentrated moisturizer at first as I was prone to breakouts, however I was quickly proved wrong.

    It was about 1 month of using the 3 products in the Riversol system when I (and others) noticed a difference in my skin. The uniform tone and texture of my skin is better than I can ever remember it being. I have not had to use any concealer, and have greatly reduced the amount of foundation I needed prior to using the rosacea products. Thank you Riversol!

    - Sonya
  • Feeling Good!

    I am very pleased with the Riversol products. I actually have a ‘skin tone’ now! I feel good when I look in the mirror and see happy skin! I wear much less foundation and concealer as well!

    The products themselves – I love many things about them. No scent, good texture (not greasy or foamy) and because they glide on the skin, a little goes a long way.

    Thanks again for above and beyond service. I’ll be back for more!

    - Joanne B
  • My Skin Story!

    It’s been over a year since I started using the Riversol Rosacea Protocol and am still loving the results I see every morning and night. With prior over the counter products there was always a point in time (weeks/months) where the results stopped as it seemed as though the skin because immune to the product(s). However this has not been my experience with Riversol.

    The face wash provides the exact amount of cleansing I need (no oily residue or over-drying) and I still feel the relief and healthy glow from my skin after I apply the serum and lotion.

    Recently I spent a month in the north east of Brazil (on the equator), so I was exposed to the highest levels of sun exposure. During my stay, instead of the standard sunblock which makes my skin break out, I was provided a sample of Riversol’s sun protection cream and was amazed at how well it hydrated my skin while providing ample protection from the sun.

    There was a day that I didn’t have the product with me, and of course my face got burnt. That evening and next morning, I used the Riversol Rosacea Protocol serum and noticed that the redness from the burn reduced very quickly, compared to when I used another product previously.

    Thanks again Riversol!

    - Sonja F.
  • Confidence is Back!

    I am so glad my dermatologist recommended Riversol to me. At first, I was a little skeptical since the reviews were too good to be true. But I soon found out that all those positive reviews were indeed, true. Anyone who has rosacea would know that it is much more than “just a red face.” Before I encountered Riversol, I would be afraid to look into the mirror in the morning because I did not want to see whether I had gotten a red face overnight. Sometimes, the rosacea would be on one cheek and sometimes, both cheeks. When it was at its worst, even my forehead was red. Sometimes, the redness would last for a week. In addition to being red, it would feel very uncomfortable too, since my face was always hot. I dreaded going out with a red face. Those who didn’t know would ask what happened, and I would sigh and say it was rosacea, or they would think I had a sunburn/allergy. Then I used Riversol regularly. I am no longer afraid of looking in the mirror anymore. Sadly, Riversol does not guarantee no flare ups, but it does keep the redness under control. Even when my rosacea flares up, I am not worried anymore since I know that the Rosacea Serum will take care of the redness soon. Riversol gave me my confidence back. Thank you Riversol.

    - Rina
  • Canada's Dream Cream!

    Hi Riversol – Thanks for your great customer service! Once my clients try a Riversol sample they won’t give it up. None of the other skin care lines Hydrate and Protect sensitive skin like Riversol. I love it & love that it is named “Canada’s Dream Cream!!

    - Barb Z
  • Tea & Riversol Therapy!

    Personally, I find that soaking cotton pads in cold green tea and applying it to my cheeks when my rosacea flares up really helps! After it has calmed down, I use the Riversol rosacea line to maintain and prevent the rosacea from flaring up again :)

    - Ada
  • Compliments!

    I have been using Riversol products now for over 3 years and continue to get compliments on my skin. My husband, my friends & even strangers make comments. I use the Daily Moisturizing Concentrate on my chest every day after I shower (wrinkles almost gone) & the Vitamin C Serum every day on my face and neck. I just love these products and highly recommend them to anyone who has dry, sun-damaged skin and wrinkles!  

    - Joanne 
  • Post Treatment & Benefits!

    I have been using Riversol now for two years. I first learned about it at my dermatologist’s office as she treated me with laser to help remove scarring from years of acne and plagued with rosacea. After treating me, she highly recommended Riversol for my rosacea. She carries the product in her office and gave me samples to try for a month. I could not believe the difference in my skin after using Riversol cleanser, serum and moisturizer. The tiny bumps from rosacea where gone! In fact, I felt 10 years younger after the laser combined with Riversol. For the first time in my life, people were coming up to me and commenting on how young I looked and how nice my skin looked. I will only use Riversol for now on! Thank you.

    - Christina D
  • Moisture Effect!

    This morning I spoke with your delightful sales associate Sandi to place an order for Riversol Skin Care products. Not only was I treated with professional warmth but I felt like a member of a large family. It’s rather remarkable considering the vast number of clients that the team deals with during the year.

    The Riversol Skin Care line is second to none for providing moisture to maturing skin. I continue to get compliments on my skin despite my age.

    Thank you from a grateful customer.

    - Linda M
  • Calming Effect

    I initially ordered the sample kit a while ago to try. I am very impressed with the products I tried. My skin flushes easily and I really appreciate having something in my skin care “collection” that I can count on to work. It never fails to almost instantly calm my skin. The acne I use to get once a month doesn’t seem to happen.

    - Terri Jo
  • Will Never Switch to Another Product!

    I have used Riversol for almost a year now and am amazed at the results! I still have problems with pimples but Riversol keeps them at bay by removing redness from the Rosacea and clearing them up quickly. When I use the serum before bed I notice a huge noticeable difference overnight. I will never switch to another product because I know Riversol works the best for me.

    I have tried Proactiv and other “dermatologist recommended” products and they have only made my skin worse. For so long I was embarrassed to go out because even foundation wouldn’t completely cover the mess up.

    I’m happy to be able to purchase from a local business and the customer service is always amazing!

    - Carly
  • I would definitely recommend Riversol!

    I have been using Riversol products for a couple of months and I love the results. I am prone to oily skin and after just a couple of weeks of using these products I noticed a big difference in my skin. I love the cleanser and I use it twice a day.

    I live in Scotland and I have tried several products to help with my oily skin but nothing worked.

    Now, my skin has never looked so smooth, thanks to Riversol. I am now telling every physician and retailers I see to start carrying this amazing Canadian product!

    I would definitely recommend Riversol and I would not consider using any other products on my face!

    - Eilidh UK
  • What a change in my skin!

    Dear Riversol team,

    I have been using Riversol products for the last 2 1/2 months and have noticed a significant change with my skin. Not only does my skin feel more hydrated but I no longer get the mid day shiney forehead. The most significant change is with the size of my pores.

    I go for a facial every 2 months and this last appointment my aesthetician commented on how great my skin looked and commented that the size of my pores have changed!!! She asked what I was doing and said, “do not change a thing!”

    Thank you, I am hooked on these products!!!

    - Holly  Alberta, Canada

    Hi There!

    This is Kyra Reilly emailing about the product I just used on a trial basis.

    I have been suffering mentally lately due to my harsh case of rosacea.For a while I experienced many little bumps and still experience extreme redness which makes me not want to go in public (it is very bad). Since using this product for rosacea and acne I have been so impressed, the redness is almost completely gone and I have clearer skin. I have been using this product for only two weeks and cannot wait for my actual trio supply to come in the mail.

    I believe the serum seems to really be helping in general and would highly recommend using this serum in your daily routine. I have always dealt with Sandy while calling for inquiries about products and have been treated so well. Sandy is knowledgable of all the products and also made me feel comfortable discussing my skin issues with her.

    Very satisfied overall!

    - Kyra

    After trying numerous over the counter topical and oral medications with temporary success for the treatment of Rosacea I was referred to Dr Rivers for a consult. It was then that I was introduced to the Serum for sensitive skin to be used in conjunction with my topical prescription.
    I was cynical at first as to the merits of any non prescription treatments. To my total surprise within days of using the serum overtop of my prescription (Dalcin) my skin began to look healthier with less inflammation.I have continued my twice daily application of serum with cleansing moisturizer with great success.Nothing to date has worked as well as this combination. I feel for the first time I have my Rosacea under control.

    - Kevin

    "I ran out of my serum and cream cleanser and was using another face care for about a month (I'm a student so sometimes I have to cheap out unfortunately and to the dismay of my poor face). In the course of one month, my face became warm and tight and pimples were popping up in odd places. When my hormonal acne started, I got massive cystic pimples on my chin and jaw line. The pimples kept coming everywhere else too. That was the last straw. I picked up the new cream cleanser at a spa in Coquitlam and she handed me some serum samples. I went back to my wash and serum routine and after a week the redness has gone down significantly and no new pimples have popped up. And my face doesn't burn! I've never experienced a better product than Riversol. It's been almost 3 years since I started using it and I'll be using it for life. Thank you Dr. Rivers!

    - Carly
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